The 2013 Southern Horse Festival will be held at Hunt Horse Complex Raleigh, NC

November 22-24




2013 Southern Horse Festival

Championship Open Horse Show November 22-24, 2013

Hunt Horse Complex, Raleigh, North Carolina

Contact Show Manager Sammy Jenkins

(919) 201-3606 or (919) 362-8203 or visit

Judges Saturday:  John Dash, Academy and Saddle type divisions;

Pat Benton, Western and English divisions

Judges Sunday:  Liz McBride-Jones, Academy and Saddle type divisions;  

Cathy Jennings, Western and English divisions

Show Schedule Repeats on Sunday.  Show Begins at 8 a.m. each day.



1.    Academy Driving Showmanship All Ages

2.    Academy Driving Reinsmanship All Ages

3.    Academy Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot Equitation All Ages

4.    Academy Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot Showmanship All Ages

5.    Academy Hunter Pleasure WTC Equitation

6.    Academy Hunter Pleasure WTC Showmanship

7.    Show Rider Equitation WTC

8.    Academy WTC Equitation Adult

9.    Academy WTC Equitation 17 & Under

10.  Show Rider Showmanship WTC

11.  Academy WTC Showmanship Adult

12.  Academy WTC Showmanship 17 & Under

13.  Academy Walk Trot Equitation Adult

14.  Academy Walk Trot Equitation 11 to 17

15.  Academy Walk Trot Showmanship Adult

16.  Academy Walk Trot Showmanship 11 to 17

17.  Academy Walk Trot Equitation 10 & Under

18.  Academy Walk Trot Showmanship 10 & Under

19.  Walk Trot Leadline Equitation 8 & Under

20.  Walk Trot Leadline Showmanship 8 & Under



Open Horse Show Not To Begin Before 10:00 am


21.   Colts and Fillies at Halter – 2 Yrs and Under

22.   Stock Type Horse at Halter – 2 Yrs and Over

23.   English Type Horse at Halter – 2 Yrs and Over

24.   Saddle Type Horse at Halter – 2 Yrs and Over

25.   Arabian Horse at Halter – 2 Yrs and Over

26.   Youth Showmanship (English or Western) 18 & Under

27.   Adult Showmanship (English or Western) 19 & Over

28.   Non-Trotting showmanship Open





29.   Pleasure Driving

30.   English Walk/Trot Open

31.   Western Walk/Jog Open

32.   Saddleseat Go as You Please Open

33.   Hunt Seat Go As You Please Open

34.   English Pleasure Open

35.  Park Horse Open

36.   Western Pleasure Open

37.   Saddleseat Pleasure Open

38.   Huntseat Pleasure Open

39.   Novice Western Horse Go As You Please

40.   ASB Pleasure Driving

41.   Novice English Horse Go As You Please

42.   Novice Saddleseat Horse Go As You Please

43.   English Go As You Please 13 & Under

44.   English Pleasure 19 & Over

45.   Arabian Pleasure Open

46.   ASB Country Pleasure

47.   ASB Three Gaited

48.   ASB Three Gaited Pleasure

49.   Western Go As You Please 19 & Over

50.   Working Western Rider 17 – Under GAYP

51.   Working Western Rider 18 - Over GAYP

52.   Working Western Rider Pleasure 17 – Under

53.   Working Western Rider Pleasure 18 – Over

54.   Five Gaited Open




55.   Arabian Native Costume

56.   Saddlebred/Morgan Pleasure Class

57.   Saddleseat Equitation

58.   Novice Western Rider Pleasure

59.   Western Walk/Jog 10 & Under

60.   English Walk/Trot 10 & Under

61.   Novice English Rider Pleasure

62.   Arabian Western Pleasure

63.   Western Go As You Please 18 & Under

64.   English Pleasure 18 & Under

65.   Arabian Country English Pleasure

66.   AQHA Pleasure

67.   Appaloosa & Paint Horse Pleasure

68.   Other/Non Registered Breed Pleasure   

69.   Novice Western Horse Pleasure

70.   Novice English Horse Pleasure

71.   Novice Western Rider Go As You Please

72.   Novice English Rider Go As You Please

73.   English Go As You Please 18 & Under

74.   Saddlebred/Morgan Western Pleasure

75.   Western Senior Horse Pleasure

76.   English Senior Horse Pleasure

77.   Western Horsemanship

78.   English Horsemanship




79.    Pleasure Driving Showmanship

80.    Non-Trotting Horsemanship

81.    Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking 12 - Under Trail

82.    Walk and Trail Pleasure Rack (English or Western Attire)

83.    Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking 13- 17 Trail Walk and Trail Pleasure Rack (English or Western Attire)

84.    Novice Trail Pleasure Racking:  Trail walk and trail Pleasure Racking (English or Western Attire)

85.    Ladies Trail Pleasure Racking:  Trail walk and Trail Pleasure Rack (English or Western Attire)

86.    Gentlemen’s Trail Pleasure Racking:  Trail walk and Trail Pleasure Rack (English or Western Attire)

87.    Open Trail Pleasure Racking Trail walk and Trail Pleasure Rack (English or Western Attire)

88.    Open Country Pleasure Racking (Keg Shod) Walk, Country Rack, extended Rack

89.    Open Country Pleasure Racking (open Shod) English Attire Show Walk, Slow Rack and Fast Rack

90.    Open Speed Pacing English or Western Attire; Walk, Slow Pace and Fast Pace














Extreme Trail Horse Challenge


Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m.


Saturday:  NCHC Trail Horse Challenge


Sunday:  NCHC Trail Horse Challenge



      Entry Fee $25.00


Pre-Register & Save!!


Pre-Register by Nov 1st and receive 1 bag of shavings per entry form


High Point Awards

will be given in the following divisions:


Grand Champion - Youth and Adult

Western - Hunt Seat - Saddle Seat 

Rules and Regulations


v      It is strongly recommended that all riders take a moment to review the Rules and Regulation Booklet.  They are available at the show and on the Southern Horse Festival Website or Contact the North Carolina Horse Council office and one can be mailed to you. 

v      A $6.00 per day office fee will be charged.

v      "Scratches" must be submitted to the entry secretary on a "Scratch" form at least 3 classes in advance or the entry fee will be charged for the class!…No Exceptions!

v      "FORMAL" show attire not required; however, appropriate hat (no ball caps) & boots with heel are required.  "Safety" helmets allowed in any class.

v      A “Novice Horse or Novice Rider” is one having won 5 or fewer 1st place ribbons other than halter prior to 1/1/13. These rules are not discipline specific. Children age 10 and under (age of youth on Jan 1st, 2013) are considered novices regardless of placing.

v      Please be sure to review the definitions concerning Novice Rider or Novice Horse. If you have any questions as to eligibility please contact the Show Manager, Sammy Jenkins, 919-201-3606/919-362-8203.

v      Please contact Sammy Jenkins for Stall reservations (919) 362-8203.  If you do not make advance reservations for your stall(s) you will be assigned one upon arrival to the show grounds.  Stalls are restricted to certain barns so please make sure you see Sammy Jenkins for stall assignments upon arrival to show grounds. 

v      Stalls are a flat fee of $50 for the weekend.  Stalls are payable on your show tab.  All stalls used for ANY purpose will be charged accordingly. Any one not using a stall and showing out of your trailer will be charged a $10.00 day fee per day. (This is a rule imposed by the show grounds, not SHF.)

v      ALL CAMPING SPOTS must be reserved thru the show office. 

v      Shavings will be available Friday 3-9 pm and Saturday 7am to noon from the barn office.  Shavings will be $7.00/bag payable on your show tab. 

v      Negative Coggins test is required for admission to the show Grounds.  State requirements are that you post your negative coggins in the provided sleeve outside the stall door.  If Coggins is not visible, you may be subject to state fine.

v      High point Exhibitor/Horse awards for Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat (includes non-trotting classes) & Western Divisions YOUTH AND ADULT will be given based on the two-day point total.  All Divisions are based on the one horse/one competitor.  Age Divisions are:  Adult = 19 & Over, and Youth = 18 & Under.

v      To compete for High Point awards the Exhibitor/Horse Combination MUST show both Saturday and Sunday in the Open show.

v      Trail, Novice Rider, & Novice Horse classes will NOT count towards Division High Point Awards.  All other classes will count including Halter, and Showmanship.

v      A GAYP or Go as You Please class includes a walk and then any other gait desired by the rider.  Same gaits in both directions.

v      We participate in Open Show Programs offered by any participating breed or riding association.

ü American Paint Horse Association - Paint Alternative Competition 

ü Appaloosa Horse Club  -  Appaloosa Competitive All Breed Act. Program

ü N. C. Amateur Quarter Horse Association - Open Show Program  

ü Arabian Horse Association - Open Event Incentive Program

ü American Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas

v      Tie Breaker Rules for High Point Division Champions:

  1.    Highest Number of Classes Entered
  2.    Number of first place ribbons