November 23, 2013


Hunt Horse Complex

Raleigh, North Carolina




  1.  Novice Youth Yearling Mares

  2.  Novice Youth 2-Year Old Mares

  3.  Novice Youth 3-Year Old Mares

  4.  Novice Youth Aged Mares

  5.  Novice Youth Performance Mares

                GRAND & RESERVE

  6.  Rookie Youth Mares –All Ages

  7.  Novice Amateur Yearling Mares

  8.  Novice Amateur 2-Year Old Mares

  9.  Novice Amateur 3-Year Old Mares

10.  Novice Amateur Aged Mares

11.  Novice Amateur Performance Mares

                GRAND & RESERVE

12.  Rookie Amateur Mares – All Ages

13.  Novice Youth Yearling Geldings

14.  Novice Youth 2-Year Old Geldings

15.  Novice Youth 3-Year Old Geldings

16.  Novice Youth Aged Geldings

17.  Novice Youth Performance Geldings

                GRAND & RESERVE

18.  Rookie Youth Geldings – All Ages

19.  Novice Amateur Yearling Geldings

20.  Novice Amateur 2-Year Old Geldings

21.  Novice Amateur 3-Year Old Geldings

22. Novice Amateur Aged Geldings

23.  Novice Amateur Performance Geldings

                GRAND & RESERVE

24.  Rookie Amateur Geldings - All Ages

25.  Novice Youth Showmanship

26. Novice Amateur Showmanship

27.  Rookie Youth Showmanship

28.  Rookie Amateur Showmanship

29.  EWD Showmanship


30. Open Rookie English Walk/Trot*

31. Open English Walk/Trot*

32.  Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle

33.  Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

34.  Rookie Youth Hunter Under Saddle

35.  Rookie Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

36.  Open Hunter Under Saddle*

37.  Novice Youth Walk/Trot Equitation

38.  Novice Amateur Walk/Trot Equitation

39.  Novice Youth Equitation

40.  Novice Amateur Equitation

41.  Rookie Youth Equitation

42.  Rookie Amateur Equitation

43.  EWD Walk/Jog Equitation


44. Open Rookie Western Walk/Jog*

45. Open Western Walk/Jog*

46.  Novice Youth Western Pleasure

47.  Novice Amateur Western Pleasure

48.  Rookie Youth Western Pleasure

49.  Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure

50.  Open Western Pleasure*

51.  EWD Walk/Trot Horsemanship

52.  Novice Youth Walk/Trot Horsemanship

53.  Novice Amateur Walk/Trot Horsemanship

54.  Novice Youth Horsemanship

55.  Novice Amateur Horsemanship

56.  Rookie Youth Horsemanship

57.  Rookie Amateur Horsemanship

58.  EWD Trail

59.  Novice Youth Trail

60.  Novice Amateur Trail

61.  Rookie Youth Trail

62.  Rookie Amateur Trail

63.  Novice Youth Reining

64.  Novice Amateur Reining

65.  Rookie Youth Reining

66.  Rookie Amateur Reining

*Open classes are for all exhibitors of any breed and are not approved for points by AQHA or NCQHA, except classes 31 and 45 which are approved for NCQHA year-end points. 





Individual Classes    $8.00

All Day Fee              $25 per division

Office Charge           $5/horse

AQHA fee                $4/horse

Stalls                      $50 weekend

Hookups                  $25/day

Shavings                  $7 bag


Information and Show Manager:

Sammy Jenkins (919) 201-3606


Show Secretary: Linda Falls

(910) 740-1943 or lindafalls1@aol.com



*** Show held in conjunction with the NCHC Southern Horse Festival Open Show ***

(All “No Bling” participants are encouraged to also show with the

Southern Horse Festival both days)


Full Schedule of AQHA classes for Novice Youth & Novice Amateur Exhibitors

New Rookie Youth and Rookie Amateur Classes

4-H exhibitors are encouraged to participate


“No Bling” High Point Awards

Novice Youth, Novice Amateur, Rookie Youth and Rookie Amateur

(must show in 3 classes in the division)


"No Bling" High Point Year End Awards for top Novice Youth, Novice Amateur, Rookie Youth, and Rookie Amateur.  Exhibitors and horse owners must be members of NCQHA and must show in 3 of the 4 "No Bling" shows to qualify 


Must Have Current Negative Coggins On All Horses